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Michel + Nico

Brothers Michel + Nico have lived many lives. Michel, a former social worker, and Nico, a former architect, bring all of their past experience to bear telling powerful, anthemic stories and making energetic, action-filled films for clients such as BBC, Under Armour, Sky Sports, Renault, and Lucozade. 

The brothers who are always inspired by travel and, on a conscious quest for spirituality, recently attended a one year retreat at the Shaolin Monastery to learn kung fu and meditation. Michel + Nico infuse their films with a raw, honest meditative force informed by a deep sense of humanity.

In their young careers, Michel + Nico have already found themselves shortlisted for the British Arrows two years in a row and nominated for Best New Directors by Shots, and their Renault film “The Ultimate Test Drive,” recently got them shortlisted for the Cannes Young Directors Awards.