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“Am I politically optimistic?… No.” said Mick Jagger regarding his two topically charged songs in the age of Brexit and Trump. Jagger appointed Saam Farahmand to visualise his poetic stabs at US and British Chaos. The result, a perfectly crystallisation of contemporary uncertainty, madness, paranoia, brutality and surrealism into two distinct but equally powerful music videos. 

Saam reveals Jemima Kirk in a revolutionary role for ‘Gotta Get a Grip’, a video which amplifies club-divides as symbolism for a world where everyone is implicated. He then depicts a very un-English moment of madness in a landscape of polite reserve in ‘England Lost’, where Farahmand uncompromisingly transforms both England and a stunning Luke Evans who plays a man trying to escape the island.

In a time of overwhelming ‘opinion’, these videos are refreshingly an ‘expression’, yet they are even more powerful in their understatement. 

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Dimitri Basil's New Video for Kings of Leon "Waste a Moment"

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Barnaby Roper for Nowness

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