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Marc Sidelsky

Marc Sidelsky’s work brilliantly straddles several genres, from deadpan visual comedy, to whimsical, musically-driven narratives and subtly subversive spots. His music video for Canadian band, Dearly Beloved’s “Close Encounters” is an electric ‘coming of age’ narrative that was featured on Promonews and won Best Music Video at Ciclope Africa in 2020. His commercial for KFC Nuggets showcases an exceptional eye for set design, and sharp modern compositions.

Straight after high school he attended the acclaimed AFDA Institute in Johannesburg.  In his second year of film school, his experimental film was purchased by the national broadcaster, SABC. Completing his studies, achieving a BFA (Honors), he then began to work as a creative researcher at a commercials production company. Two months into the job, he directed his first commercial for Volkswagen. It won a Silver Loerie at South Africa’s premier advertising awards.